TruProof Micro3

Proving Operations

Pulse Delay

The TruProof Micro3 has been designed in a holistic manner to be a synergistic system component, rather than an “island of data”. Close integration with host systems (PROVEit ) insures maximum integration values are obtained.

Communications and connectivity are at the core of the design. Access to data and reports locally and remotely are catered for easily using Internet Protocols (HTTP for browsing and XML for data retrieval). In addition legacy systems are supported with both Modbus serial and Modbus TCP.

For simpler applications, much of the configuration can be done using the embedded web server, giving an optimum balance of simplicity and flexibility. When combined with PROVEit , configuration is managed entirely from PROVEit with the embedded web browser an added benefit.

As a result, the total cost of ownership will be reduced as much as possible to the Oil and Gas companies, operators, integrators and auditors.

Consistent improvement in proving results reduces bias and insures that you can have greater confidence in the measurement regardless of meter technology in use. Meters producing a manufactured pulse output representative of flow inherently produce a signal that is delayed from the actual measurement event (See API MPMS Chapter 4.8 and "API's Microprocessor Based Flowmeter Testing Programme", Omni Flow Computers Inc., International School for Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM), University of Oklahoma, 2005). Those are the timing bias errors which TruProof will correct.

Operating measurement systems implemented with inaccurate or biased meter factor adjustments can, and do, lead to material imbalances. The resulting necessity to identify and correct these errors is time consuming, costly, and adverse to business integrity. TruProof works by correlating the measurement cycle and resulting change in meter output frequency with the associated prover gate circuitry to produce synchronization of the compared volumes in order to get a more accurate, repeatable and reproducible proof, time after time.

Manufactured under U.S. Patents 7,395,690 and 7,373,798 B2 (others applied for), TruProof is the most advanced dual chronometric, pulse interpolation proving technique in the world today.

Pulse delay results from meter program execution delays (latency), signal filtering, and user imposed damping. Of these, only the damping delay is within the control of the user. As a result all meters producing manufactured pulses exhibit signal delay irrespective of the magnitude of user imposed signal damping.

Damping serves to potentially increased expressed signal delay depending on operating conditions. Any signal delay produces timing bias in the meter factor to some degree. TruProof eliminates the timing bias.

Ultimately, the goal is produce a meter factor that is without timing induced bias. Simply stated; A meter correction factor that produces a representation of volume or mass that agrees perfectly with that of a comparative Prover.

Details of every prove will be recorded in the TruProof Micro microcomputer, and transferred to associated systems, such as, Flow-Cal's PROVEit proving software platform. Utilizing the combined strength of TruProof/PROVEit , virtually any prover can be modernized to current standards technology levels.

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